Our History

The Fellowship of Congregational Churches (FCC) is a small group of evangelical Churches found in five Australian states but mostly in NSW, being what could be regarded as the remnant of the Congregational Church in Australia. In 1977, most Congregational churches in Australia belonging to the Congregational Union, joined the Uniting Church. Only 27 churches […]

Other Ministries

The FCC hasĀ a campsite – Camp Fletcher at Hazelbrook in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, For more information please select from the drop-down menu. The Keynote Speaker at the 2016 FCC Mission Awareness Day held at Leichhardt Congregational Church was Rev Dr Ian Maddock, Senior Lecturer – Theology, at the Sydney and Missionary Bible College […]

Statement Of Faith

THE LIVING GOD God is Almighty, Eternal and Unchanging. He is just and holy, gracious and merciful. He is the Creator and Ruler of all things, exercising sovereign power in Creation, Providence and Redemption, and is deserving of all glory and praise forever. THE TRINITY God is One, existing through all eternity in three Persons: […]

Policy Statements

FCC Policy Statements STATEMENT ON THE FAMILY As Christians, we believe in the family as the God-ordained basis of society; and therefore we recognise our responsibility to support, encourage and strengthen family life in our churches and the wider community. Scripture is clear as to what constitutes a family. Our Lord Jesus Christ referred to […]

About Us

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