Affiliation Of Churches

i) Applications:

A Church desiring affiliation with the Fellowship shall make an application to the Executive Committee by:

Satisfying the Executive Committee that a duly convened meeting of the Church was held and a ballot was decided in favour of affiliation; and

Supplying an application requesting affiliation signed by the Church Secretary, or other authorised officer of the Church on the vote of at least two-thirds of the membership; and

Satisfying the Executive Committee that the Church accepts the fundamental principles and objects of the Fellowship; and

Agreeing that the word ‘Congregational’ be placed in a prominent position wherever the name of the Church is used.

ii) Nominations & Affiliations:

The Executive Committee shall decide whether to nominate any church to the Assembly for affiliation.

Notice of nomination for affiliation shall be given by the General Secretary to the churches at least sixty (60) days before the Assembly meeting, and shall form part of the agenda for the next Assembly.

A church shall be affiliated by a vote of two-thirds majority of the Assembly.

(Extract from the FCC Constitution)



From time to time the Assembly has, and in the future may, adopt a motion that a church be Associated with the Fellowship. In such instances the following guidelines will apply:

Associated Churches shall be invited to have representatives attend Assemblies and other activities arranged by the Fellowship.

Any such representatives attending an Assembly shall be regarded as observers although up to two from each church may be recognised as Associates with the ability to speak but not vote.

The General Secretary shall keep Associated Churches informed of the activities and decisions of the Fellowship except where a matter may be considered of a confidential nature.

The Pastoral Relations Officer shall, where possible, provide support and encouragement to Associated Churches and report when necessary to the Executive Committee.

Where practicable, other services and officers of the Fellowship may be made available to assist Associated Churches.

Pastors of Associated Churches shall be invited to attend and participate in camps and other meetings arranged for Pastors of the Fellowship.

Associate Churches shall be encouraged to consider seeking affiliation with the Fellowship.