Camp Fletcher, Hazelbrook, NSW 2779
69 Alexander Ave., Hazelbrook.

Managers/Caterers: Ben and Carolyn May. Ph (02) 4758 6326, Fax (02) 4758 7926.
Bookings: contact Managers/Caterers
Camp Fletcher information and booking website

A biography of Rev Dr Lionel B. Fletcher, in whose memory Camp Fletcher was established.  Lionel B Fletcher


The Vine and Branches Campsite Mission

This mission project is being held in conjunction with the NACC (National Alliance of Congregational Churches) in the Philippines.

A number of years ago, NACC felt the calling of God to have a campsite up and running for their churches and also local community groups to use. With the support of committed FCC friends, the funds were raised to purchase a block of land. With the continuing support of the FCC, churches and individuals, they are now developing it into a functioning campsite.