Garry Millar
Rev Dr Gary Millar, Principal of Queensland
Theological College, speaking at the FCC’s
Annual Preaching Seminar, 3 September, 2015

. Establish Church
Launch of Establish Church, Cronulla,
(FCC Church Plant) on 20 September, 2015.

David Beasant
Rev David Beasant (Narellan), speaker at the
Celebration Meeting of the 39th Annual FCC
Assembly Meeting at Narellan, 26 September, 2015.

Many FCC Churches contributed to the 2015
Samaritan’s Purse ‘Shoebox Appeal.’
Boxes above from one of our churches.

A short-term mission team to visit the ‘Vine and
Branches’ campsite under construction in the
Philippines (departing 30 Dec, 2015) was
commissioned at the annual Mission Awareness
Day on 24 October, 2015.

Lee   John and Tin
Some of the FCC participants in the Mission
Awareness Day on 24 October.

Catherine Campbell
The Fellowship of Congregational Women
conducted a conference on 31 October, 2015.
The speaker was Mrs Catherine Campbell
(Ireland) who recently launched her fifth book,
“When We Can’t, God Can.”