Special Religious Education

It is the responsibility of the Fellowship of Congregational Churches as an approved provider, to recruit, train and authorise SRE teachers. As the 2018 school year commences, all FCC SRE teachers seeking authorisation need to submit to the FCC Office their name, date of birth, WWCC number, portrait photo, name of the school/s in which they will be teaching and the curriculum being used. It is vital that all FCC SRE teachers carry a current (2018) Authorisation Card when they are in the schools.

A. Supporting Religious Education in NSW Public Schools

The following websites have a great deal of useful information regarding SRE in schools.

B. Training Opportunities

It is a requirement for all FCC SRE teachers to undertake and complete approved training.

As in past years, the FCC will advertise the date, time and venue for an approved course in “Congregational Communications.”

However, there are many other opportunities for training in 2018, at venues not only in the Sydney Metropolitan Area, but in Regional Centres, that might be more convenient. These are provided by the Anglican Youthworks and Baptist agencies.

C. Curriculum Overviews

Following a survey of FCC SRE teachers, the following two curricula are used:
CEP Connect
The curriculum overview for CEP Connect, Early Stage 1 to Stage 5 can be found at:
Godspace provides ‘Three Years at a Glance’ at:

D. FCC Complaint Procedure Flow Chart:

As a result of the ‘2015 Review of Special Religious Education and Special Education in Ethics,’ it is a requirement for all SRE Providers to have a Complaint Procedure in place.
FCC Complaint Procedure Flow Chart