Special Religious Education

As the 2017 school year begins, it is time for planning and preparation for those who will be involved in SRE during 2017. There are many websites with useful information, but the following site, outlines the requirements for all those who teach SRE in government schools.

A. There is a clear and concise overview of the Basic Training Framework:

  • Teaching SRE in Government Schools
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Preparing and Delivering a Lesson
  • Classroom Management
  • Introduction to the Bible
  • Classroom Experience

B. The training requirements are outlined:

  • Safe Ministry Training
    Along with other approved agencies, the FCC will also be holding seminars with an accredited trainer in 2017. Dates, times and venues will be advertised in “Congregational Communications.”
  • SRE Classroom Training is available through several agencies.
    Youthworks provides excellent classroom training for SRE teachers. Dates, venues and outlines of courses are on their website. These are held in the metropolitan area and also major regional country centres.
    NSW Baptists hold seminars that are advertised on their website and they also make DVDs available for those who are training or for those who would like a refresher.

In previous FCC surveys, CEP Connect and GodSpace have been identified as the curriculums used by Fellowship of Congregational Churches SRE Teachers.